Running Shoe Reviews Spring 2019

Jonathan Beverly / March 25, 2019

We tested dozens of new running shoes and review 13 models we recommend as training partners this spring.

Shadrack Kipchirchir: How to Build a Champion

Sarah Barker / March 25, 2019

Kipchirchir, who leads the U.S. team into the IAAF World Cross Country Championships this week, has arrived at the top of American distance running nine years after showing up as a college freshman.

Inside Lane: The Mindset of a 3:49 Miler

Johanna Gretschel / March 22, 2019

Johnny Gregorek talks about being in a world record race, taking down his father's mile mark, and his positive views on the new Olympic standards.

Inspired Running Shoe Updates of 2019

Jonathan Beverly / March 21, 2019

Our review found updates on these five new models fix ride problems, introduce better materials, and improve fit and function.

Blind Runners’ Best Friend

Whitney Spivey / March 18, 2019

Blind runner becomes first to complete a half marathon with a team of running guide dogs, showcasing a program that frees the visually-impaired to run solo.



The Perfect Salads to Fuel Your Week

Potatoes USA / December 4, 2018

Here are three great salads that are easy to make, and will keep you performing at your best whether you’re training for a race or moving through life.


Open-Faced Hash: A Recovery Meal by Jess Cerra

Potatoes USA / November 28, 2018

No matter how much I train, the day after a race, I’m spent. Putting everything I have into a multi-hour race can take a toll on my body, but one thing I’ve found really helps me get back out there is making sure I eat right in the 48 hours after a race. And one […]