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Running Shoe Review—Spring 2010

Sean McKeon / March 3, 2010

We have taken the world of running shoe reviews and turned it on its head. This month we have launched our all new shoe review based on “Fit, Feel and Ride.” This new concept has allowed us to take away all preconceived notions of what a shoe should do for you and gives you real […]

Crocs Develops Recovery Footwear For Athletes

Sean McKeon / February 16, 2010’s Sean McKeon got a preview of new products coming out from Crocs in 2010. The newest Crocs line is called Prepair, a new set a footwear that is focused on recovery. The sandals and clogs look similar to original Crocs products but offer the added benefit of designs and materials meant to aid in […]

Aline Insoles—Customized Orthotics Without Breaking The Bank

Sean McKeon / February 4, 2010’s Sean McKeon met up with the developers of Aline Insoles to learn more about what makes their product different than other after market insoles. Aline offers you the customization of an orthotic but at a price that doesn’t look like a medical bill. Check out this new innovative way to add a little extra […]