Andi Nido: Playlists For Every Run

Andi Nido never leaves for a run without her trusty earbuds. Photo:

Now that I am running a lot more than ever before, I am quickly learning that music is key.

If the weather is perfect and I have a lot on my mind, I am able to enjoy a peaceful run without music. Most days when I am training, however, I reach for my favorite playlists to give me energy and keep me going.

Most of the music I listen to is upbeat, and I can feel the beat of the song and it helps me keep my pace. I also have a few songs I consider my “power songs”—whether it’s just the beat of the entire song or the lyrics, they seem to give me an extra push when I need it. My music choices also change depending on the weather and season of running.

I have a few personal favorites, including certain types of songs or artists for various portions of my run. I know I will play these songs when I’m trying to push up a hill or get through a hard part of my run.

You can never go wrong listening to One Republic (“I Lived” and “Counting Stars”) and The Script (“Superheroes” and “Walk Away”). Dave Matthews Band, Counting Crows and Maroon 5 are often scattered through a playlist, keeping my pace steady and playing some of my most favorite songs; even though they may be a little slower, they are still my favorites so I like to listen to them.

Aside from my favorite artists, I often find myself listening to rap toward the middle and end of my runs. It seems like those songs are better fitting for when you’re really trying to push yourself and keep going. Flo Rida songs always have the best beats, which really helps me pick it up when I am tired, and every run has to include at least one Eminem song! I can’t stray far from my 8 Mile roots.

If it is rainy or too hot and humid for a run outside, I will switch up my usual playlist and brave Pandora or Spotify radio while I run on an indoor track or a treadmill. Sometimes the commercials can be annoying, but this is usually how I find new music to add to my normal playlists. Trying new stations is a great way to find new and up and coming music and it’s always nice to switch things up.

I try to make sure to change up my running playlist often to keep my runs fresh and exciting. If I know I have a long run, I’ll change it up with a few new songs to keep it different from the last weekend’s run.

I know music has a huge impact on my running performance and I have found that I can run much better because of it.

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