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Ultrarunner Sally McRae Doesn’t Make Excuses

Jennie Nunn / March 12, 2018

Ultrarunner Sally McRae sets her alarm clock for 4 a.m. every day. And, she never hits the snooze button. “As soon as you start listing off excuses, you’re doomed,” says the California–based mother of two who lays out her workout clothes nightly beneath a sign that says, “No Excuses.” “So tell your brain to ‘shut […]

Jenny Simpson: Record-Breaking Track Star

Brian Metzler / June 22, 2015

Two-time Olympian Jenny Simpson, 28, is one of America’s best runners on the track, having earned world championship gold (2011) and silver (2013) medals in the 1,500-meter run. She was the world’s top-ranked 1,500-meter runner last year and came within a fraction of a second of breaking Mary Slaney’s 1983 American record of 3:57.12. In […]