Global Running: Running Adventures Around The World

The Patagonian International Marathon in Chile offers up amazing views of the mountains inside Torres del Paine National Park. Photo: Brian Metzler

When planning your 2017 race calendar, consider an international running adventure.

When we think of running, it’s easy to think of it as an individual endeavor in our own terms. We mostly run on the roads and trails where we live, often with our usual running buddies.

But running—and the health and community it fosters—is truly universal. In fact, while soccer, baseball and basketball definitely have international roots and flair, running is arguably the world’s sport—especially from a recreational point of view. With running booming globally, new races popping up all over the place and the rising trend of international running vacations centered around a race and destination trail running trips, the world is becoming a much smaller place for runners. If you’re a runner with a passport and a sense of adventure, the world can truly be your oyster.

Here are a few stories to pique your interest for international running races and adventures.

Key tips and insights for running an international race.
A Go-To Guide To International Racing

Photos from the Ultra Trail Torres del Paine
Global Running—Trail running in Chilean Patagonia

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series in Mexico City, Madrid, Dublin and Merida in 2017
Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series 2017 Schedule 

A multi-day trail run around the Mont-Blanc massif mountain range.
Epic Euro Adventure—Running Around Mont-Blanc

Photos from the Ultra Fiord trail races in Chile
Global Running—Ultra Fiord Trail Races

Scenes from the Affidea Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon
Photo—Fun Scenes from Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin

A photo essay from the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc trail running festival in France.
Photos—Amazing scenes from the trail running mecca of Chamonix, France

A trail running photo essay from Italy’s Gargano National Park.
Running Italy’s Gargano National Park

Photos from a running tour of the Costa Brava region of Spain.
Global Running—Running Spain’s Costa Brava

Running across Iceland amid hot springs and geysers.
Global Running—Iceland’s Laugavegur Ultra Marathon

Finding life in the desert at South Africa’s Richtersveld Wildrun.
Global Running—South Africa’s Richtersveld Trail Run

Photos from the Himalayan 100 and Mt. Everest Marathon
Global Running—The Himalayan 100 Stage Race

A photo gallery from an amazing race in Chilean Patagonia.
Photos: Patagonian International Marathon

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