Lululemon Wants to Better Understand Your…Lemons

Photo Credit: Lululemon

If you ask around, you’d be hard-pressed to find any woman who really loves their bras. While we may have a few that we prefer over others, we wear them out of necessity rather than choice—especially as female athletes. When it comes to sports bras, our issues with fit are usually increased, since most only come in generic small, medium, large, etc. sizes versus your actual cup size and chest width.

But Lululemon is offering women a better option when it comes to buying, wearing and enjoying sports bras. Created specifically for the active female, the Your Signature Movement Experience is a way to offer athletes a bra that fits how their own unique bodies move.

“It’s really grounded in a lot of research that we’ve tested on thousands and thousands of women, and this idea that everybody’s breasts move in a unique way,” said Chantelle Murnaghan, innovation manager and whitespace innovation team at Lululemon.

Photo Credit: Lululemon

Murnaghan stressed that, often times, we assume that every chest only bounces up and down while running and thereby ignoring the other directions that our breasts naturally move. “We started to look at how your breasts move in three different dimensions. We’re looking at up and down, side to side, and in and out,” said Murnaghan.

When you start to combine all three of those directions, what you get is a pattern in which the Lululemon team refers to as your “breast signature movement.” To create these profiles, the brand developed a sensor that allows them to capture the same data that they’d normally collect in a research lab about unique body movements, and place that same technology into a small sensor that can sit inside stores.

With that data, Lululemon can capture your unique 3D form and better understand your body’s full range of motion—all while you’re in the store.

Photo Credit: Lululemon

“We can allow our guest access to that information that they typically can’t access and truly understand something new about themselves,” said Murnaghan. “We take them through this experience and it’s facilitated through an app. At the end, it combines your unique movement needs, your feel preferences and it recommends products that are great for you.”

So how do you get your profile? Unfortunately, the Your Signature Movement Experience is only available in San Jose at the Santana Row store from now until October 29. But if you’re in the area, you have the opportunity to test it out firsthand.

To start, a Lululemon “educator” will use the brand’s app to walk you through some questions which will help to determine what your bra preferences are and your fitness choices.

Photo Credit: Lululemon

After answering a few questions, guests will go through a fitting and put on one of the sensor-equipped bras. Next, they’ll run on a treadmill (in an enclosed area) for one minute to capture their breast movement profiles. Once all that is complete, the Lululemon educator will show you how your breasts move and then will recommend three different bras based on all the data captured.

Although the brand isn’t promising the be-all-end-all of sports bras, what they are trying to do is help make physical activities more enjoyable by focusing on how you’ll be wearing them and understanding what your needs are while in motion. Lululemon hopes to roll this program out to more stores in the future, but for now, you’ll have to head to the Bay Area to really understand how your…lemons, move.

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