Marathoner Demolishes Building To Fight Cancer


She had raised $500,00 to combat pediatric cancer.

It’s not often that a marathon runner gets to destroy a building. But according to an article posted on Penn Live, BethAnn Telford did just that.

The 44-year-old triathlete and marathon runner who hails out of Halifax, Va. has raised $500,000 to combat pediatric cancer and brain tumors. Her charity of choice is the Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure.

“It’s the number one cancer killer of kids age 20 and younger,” she said. “And the NIH [National Institutes of Heath] does not fund research on children,” she said. “They do it for my age — I don’t think it’s fair for the children.”

In York, Pa. the day after Christmas, Telford took a wrecking ball through a building that had a sign that read “Demolish Pediatric Cancer – Find a Cure Now!”

“It was definitely cool. I had to wear the hard hat, got to work the machinery. I could get some frustration out,” she admitted.

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