Spartan Race’s Challenging Obstacles

Here are some of the obstacles you’ll encounter during a Spartan Race.

With its combination of running and a variety of physical challenges, obstacle course racing has exploded in popularity in recent years. The Spartan Race series, the world’s largest competitive event series, includes the Spartan Sprint (3+ miles), the Super Spartan (8+ miles) and the Spartan Beast (12+ miles). Getting through any Spartan Race course quickly requires strength, speed, stamina and some know-how and skill to conquer each obstacle effectively. Scroll through the photos below to get a glimpse of 14 of the obstacles you might encounter in a Spartan Race.

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Atlas Balls
Barbed-Wire Mud Crawl
Big Cargo Net
Fire Jump
Inverted Wall
Log Carry
Monkey Bars
Monkey Net
Rope Climb
Sand Bag Carry
Tire Drag
Vertical Cargo Net
Log Hop


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