Shoe of the Week: Under Armour Horizon KTV

Other than the Fat Tire, Under Armour’s blue-rubber, over-sized mountain-bike-inspired trail shoe, the company hasn’t really done much in the off-road footwear space. The Horizon KTV is, however, a serious entry into the trail shoe market, and the versatility of this neutral ride offers quite a bit. The rubberized upper packs in plenty of protection, especially with its Keen-like toe bumper. A forefoot stone plate protects from underfoot protrusions as the cushioning is only moderate, making the shoe better suited for shorter runs, softer surfaces or those lighter on their feet. The outsole, with its Michelin rubber, provided testers excellent traction on a variety of surfaces, wet and dry, and the Horizon ran rather smoothly on pavement. The rubber overlays caused some irritation to some of our testers, so be sure to try the Horizon KTV on at a store where you can test them in motion to make sure they flex with and not against your foot.

This is the shoe for you if … you’re looking for a lightweight and versatile shoe for the trails that flexes with the foot.

Price: $130
9.8 oz. 
Heel-toe offset: 7mm

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