5K Training

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Run Your Fastest 5K

Pete Magill / November 15, 2018

An all-encompassing guide on nailing the 5K from building the speed and strength of a miler to increasing the endurance of a marathoner.

How To Run A Better Track Workout

Steve Magness / October 9, 2018

As creatures of habit, we rarely deviate from our normal workout routines. But you can get more bang for your buck if you just switch up the stimulus.

For Best Results, Start Running On The Oval

Matt Fitzgerald / September 14, 2018

Whether you love or hate the track, training on it can improve your running by leaps and bounds, if you know what you’re doing.

Is Your Training Plan Working?

Matt Fitzgerald / September 5, 2018

Keep your training on track with these simple tools for measuring the direction of your training.