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Running Author: 5 Questions With Chris McDougall

Brian Metzler / May 9, 2013

Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run” hit bookstore shelves in 2009, and, quite frankly, the impact on the running world has been considerable. McDougall’s 304-page autobiographical account of running almost-barefoot with the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico has sold more than a half million copies worldwide and has remained on the New York Times best seller list […]

A Simple Kind Of Man: Anton Krupicka Interview

Duncan Larkin / May 27, 2010

Anton Krupicka’s minimalist approach has yielded maximum results. If the great Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy were living today, chances are he’d be writing about ultramarathoning champion Anton Krupicka. Krupicka is the manifestation of Tolstoy’s ascetic ideal. Lean and bearded with a shock of brown hair, he logs triple-digit weekly mileage along the dusty trail network […]