Trail of the Week: Franconia Ridge Loop, New Hampshire

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One of the signature trails in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Franconia Ridge Loop offers challenging terrain and a steep ascent for fit trail runners.

This loop offers everything you can expect. Steep hard rocky terrain, yet superb panoramic views on an exposed ridgeline for a long mile! During the descent, you’ll cross several waterfalls.

The run to the top is really rocky. Once on the summit you are exposed to full weather, so bring wind-stopping clothes.

During the descent you’ll follow a river and cross several waterfall so you could bring some water purifier and refill your water bottle there.

The Data

Miles: 8.6

Runnable: 63 percent

Singletrack: 100 percent

Average Grade: 17 percent

Max Grade: 75 percent

Total Ascent: 3,758 feet

Total Descent: -3,769 feet

Highest Elevation: 5,230 feet

For a closer look, check out the interactive map, data, photos and virtual run simulator courtesy of Trail Run Project:

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